ReelBeanX for OS X

Video Player with Markers, Exporting and Extraction


ReelBeanX, created completely new for OS X 10.8, provides pro playback and exporting features together with a unique marker track in the player window. Simply add markers whenever you come across a section in your movie you might want to jump to again. A head up display panel allows you to view and jump to the markers, or use next/previous marker buttons in the transport controls to jump to them.



ReelBeanX features
Pro playback transport controls, including jumping to next/previous markers.
Drag within marker track to select a section, use small play button to play only the selected region.
Multiple player windows open simultaneously, each containing export and marker functionality.
Playback at precisely-controlled slower speeds using the Adjust Playback Speed slider.
Many export options, including H.264/AAC (many presets), ProRes, HD, Apple device presets, M4A audio extraction (i.e. export only the audio track from your movie.)
Export the full video or just a region you've selected in the marker track.
Quality display during fast forward and rewind.
Use + and - buttons to move frame-by-frame. Hold down for continuous frame-by-frame motion.
Full screen display with all transport and export controls included.