FrameQX for OS X

At last, pro video effects in an affordable, powerful app.


Available now, FrameQX, an exciting new video effects application for OS X 10.8, combines pro level video effects technology with unique ease of use. FrameQX contains over 60 builtin video effects, and you can instantly experiment simply by double-clicking on an effect to add it to your effect chain. Instantly turn them on or off to see what your chain of effects looks like while experimenting with different looks, and save your effect combinations as your own presets. Adjust effect controls to tweak the look you're after. FrameQX is a very powerful, but easy to use pro video effects application.



FrameQX key features
Full playback transport controls and display of all video effects in real-time.
Over 60 builtin video effects.
Instantly view effects by double-clicking on a preview thumbnail.
Easily build chains and combinations of video effects.
Save your effect combinations as instantly recallable video effect presets.
No pre-rendering required to view effects. FrameQX uses a unique combination of OS X's Core Video pipelining, Core Image, Media Sample Buffers and AV Foundation asset handling to provide instant display of video effects and effect combinations.
Full screen display with all transport and video effect controls displayed.
Full (or if you choose, selected) export of all effects and all effect chains.


The true power of FrameQX lies in how you choose to combine the large range of video effects. Applying them could not be easier. Simply double-click on an effect thumbnail and the effect is displayed in the viewer panel, while the video plays. No laborious pre-rendering of effects. FrameQX combines OS X's powerful Core Video pipelining technology with Core Image, Media Sample Buffering and AV Foundation asset handling to provide instant, real-time video effects. Double-click on a second, third, fourth, etc, and suddenly you have a chain of effects that have a unique look together. The list is displayed in a panel at the top-right of the FrameQX window. Experiment further by temporarily turning any effects in the chain off without deleting them from the chain. Adjust any controls that are displayed for the specific effects in your chain. Export your file with all your selected effects applied, or just export a specific time range of the file. Whether you're used to a high-end video app such as FCP X or are new to the field, you'll be up and running in seconds, literally.