ColorizeGFX for OS X

Powerful image color fixing.



ColorizeGFX is an image processing application that provides a very powerful and detailed set of features for adjusting the color and appearance of your images. From straightforward color adjustment controls including white point adjustment, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma and hue, to the very detailed RGB color channel controls, ColorizeGFX allows you to make simple color tweaks to your images or incredibly powerful color adjustments such as giving them a 1960s look, or highly-artistic color corrections. All the controls can be combined or used independently.

ColorizeGFX contains an immensely powerful way of fine tuning the exact color control of your image. The RGB Channel Inspector window allows each of the primary (red, green and blue) color sources to be adjusted independently, mixed, biased and/or combined together.


Built-in presets allow you to give your images looks such as a 1960s appearance, or lurid green skies, or beautiful artistic colors.

If you have on older image that contains people, you can use the vibrance control to apply a non-skin saturation to boost or reduce the color of the image while retaining the color of skin tones unchanged.