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AudioRFX - audio filters, effects and enhancements

AudioRFX is a powerful audio processing application offering many audio filters, effects and audio enhancement features. Use the 31-band graphic equalizer to get the precise sound quality you want for an audio file, then export it to a new file. Or use any of the audio effect controls to apply effects such as distortion, delay, reverb, etc. AudioRFX uses powerful Core Animation technology to allow all of the controls for the many effects and filters to be efficiently viewed. AudioRFX is available now at the Mac App Store for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7.


  • Multiple audio control panels to allow you to improve and alter the sound of your audio files.
  • Easy-to-apply audio effects and filters, including distortion, delay, reverb, bandpass, etc.
  • 31-band graphic equalizer for very detailed control of sound quality.
  • Fine tune each audio filter with a variety of detailed controls.
  • Export the improved sound of your audio files.
  • Core Animation integration for an efficient user interface.
  • Many pre-configured presets for all audio controls and effects. Easily add and save your own presets.